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Michael Jackson’s Achievements



Achievements of Michael Jackson
By Behindwoods Visitor gautham daamodhar
The views expressed in this column are that of the visitor. Behindwoods.com doesn’t hold responsible for its content.
* Thriller becomes the largest selling album of all time from 1983-2009

* Thriller sells 15 million copies every year

* History becomes the largest sold dual disc album of all time from 1996-2009

* Michael Jackson beats Mariah Carey to the largest number of number one singles in the BillBoard hot 100

* Michael Jackson becomes the largest earning dead artist of all time with THIS IS IT

* Michael Jackson was a billionaire at 18

* Michael Jackson’s Victory Tour (1983) becomes the most watched TV show in history after Elvis Prestley’s SUMMER OF 69 Tour and ELVIS FUNERAL

* Michael Jacksons singular performance of BILLIE JEAN at the MOTOWN yesterday, today and forever concert attracted a crowd viewership of 2 billion people surpassing his own VICTORY TOUR

* Michael Jackson’s WORLD THRILLER TOUR is attended by 40 million people worldwide

* Michael Jackson’s BAD has all its singles debuting at NUMBER 1 in the billboard 100

* MICHAEL JACKSONS BAD WORLD TOUR makes it the highest earned concert of all time with 75 concerts and gaining him $200 million USD
Michael Jackson

* MICHAEL JACKSONS BLACK OR WHITE single gets the Guinness record for being the largest watched music video ever after thriller breaking the record held by BEATLES in 1992

* MICHAEL JACKSONS EARNS A RECORD 7 Grammys for thriller


* MICHAEL RECEIVES BAMBY music award from 1983, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1997, 2001, 2002

* MICHAEL is nick named THE KING OF POP by Elizabeth Taylor, Sir Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and by LISA

MARIE PRESLEY (ex wife of MJ and daughter of ELVIS)

* MICHAELS HISTORY HAS 6 singles opening at number 1 at the BILLBOARD 100

* MICHAELS MOONWALKER gets the Best Children’s Picture Award at the International Film Awards

* MICHAELS MOONWALKER nets $100 million USD and continues its record run for 3 years

* MICHAEL JACKSON donates his rhinestone studded violet glove for the 2006 tsunami victims that nets around $600,355 million USD

* MICHAEL ADOPTS 1000 families to NeverLand


* MICAHEL JACKSONS WE ARE THE WORLD helps the African Famine victims which net around $150 million USD

* MICHAEL honored by President Regan with the Highest Civil Award in America

* As a compensation paid to Michael for the hair fire accident by Pepsi, Michael Jackson donated the entire amount to open Hospitals “MJ Burn center” for Victims of fire to be treated. A reported $200 million was paid by Pepsi as a respect to MJ

* Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS albums HEAL THE WORLD becomes the world Peace anthem in 1992 as adopted by the UN

* Michael Jacksons THRILLER becomes the anthem of POP in 2009 after his death

* Michael’s THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US becomes the hardest hitting and most controversial song addressing social ills in world history

* Michael Jackson is inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Twice (previously held by Beatles and Elvis Presley- who was inducted 4 times)

* MICHAEL JACKSONS Smooth Criminal Becomes the anthem Of FUNK and JAZZ in 1997

* Michael Jacksons THIS IS IT that was opened only for 2 weeks became the Highest grosser of the year 2009

* Michael Jacksons Dangerous World Tour is attended by 65 million people across 4 continents and around 50 countries netting a total worth of $300 million

* Michael Jacksons HISTORY beats the DANGEROUS WORLD TOUR and has 80 million people watching MJ perform live netting a total worth of $400 million that spanned 5 continents and 75 countries

* MJ’s statue laying event in HISTORY ON FILM was declared the BEST VIDEO OF THE DECADE


* MJS BILLIE JEAN becomes the anthem OF BASS MUSIC

* MJ’s BEAT IT becomes the anthem of HARD ROCK music

* MJS funeral becomes the largest viewed event in world history with a viewership of 35 billion people worldwide

* MJ enters the Guinness records for the 5th time for the THIS IS IT that became the largest sold and fastest selling ticket concert in world history

* MJ enters the Guinness record for the 4th time for the anti-gravity shoe he developed for Smooth Criminal

* MJs moonwalk declared the SINGLE BEST CELEBRITY BODY LANGUAGE by the Rock and Roll Association

* MJ awarded the life time achievement music award BAMBY awards in 2002 ( lastly presented to the Beatles Elvis, Eagles, Stevie Wonder )

* MJ nets a record 22 Grammys in his career

* MJ completes a record 1 billion album sales world wide edging past the BEATLES and EAGLES and ELVIS

* MJ’s VOCAL HICCUPS in his songs declared the BEST VOCAL STYLE OF THE DECADE by the Rock and Roll Association

* MJ’s THRILLER 25 sells 50 million copies worldwide

* MJ’s Off the Wall gets certified platinum 10 times by the recording industry

* MJ’s THRILLER gets certified platinum 30 times by the recording industry

* MJ’s BAD gets certified platinum 20 times by the recording industry

* MJ’s DANGEROUS gets certified platinum 20 times by the recording industry

* MJ’s HISTORY gets certified platinum 15 times by the recording industry

* MJ’s INVINCIBLE gets certified platinum 5 times by the recording industry

* MJ’s MOTOWN years, Forever Michael, Music and Me, Ben, Abc, Soul Bubble Gum, Ill Be There and Dancing Machine gets certified platinum 3 times by the recording industry

* THIS IS IT continues its number 1 run for the 7th consecutive week

* MJS BLOOD ON DANCE FLOOR sells 75 million copies worldwide to become the LARGEST SOLD REMIX ALBUM OF ALL TIME

* Billboard Charts

* Michael Jackson is the first person in the 50 year history of the Billboard chart to enter straight in at No1, with his single “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal”, “Dangerous”,

“Black or white”, “History” “You Are Not Alone”.

* The previous record “Earth Song” which had debuted at No2 and also Michael Jacksons.

* Greatest Audience – Guinness Book of World Records

The highest-ever viewership for SUPERBOWL was 133.4 million viewers watching the NBC transmission of Super Bowl XXVII on June 31, 1993. Michael was spotlighted during the half-time performance.

* Jacksons THRILLER, SMOOTH CRIMINAL, HEAL THE WORLD, YOU ROCK MY WORLD, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US, YOUR NOT ALONE, spend 100 weeks in the billboard 100. A feat which no artist including ELVIS and Beatles have done


* Jacksons SMOOTH CRIMINAL, THRILLER, Black or White, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US spend 100 weeks at number 1 at billboard 100

* Jackson remained at 1 in US from 1977-2002

* Jackson remained at 1-5 in 1977-2002 at German, UK, Europe, French, Spain, Italy, Rome and Japan pop and metal charts

* Jackson is the only artist to have sold 500 million records + outside US

* Honored by President George H. W. Bush


* President George H. W. Bush commended Jackson for his achievements and presented him with the White House’s special “Artist of the Decade” award in recognition of his musical influence during the 1970s-1990s.

* President Obama awarded Jackson with the speech “The day the music died” during a press release and conferred the ARTISTS OF THE CENTURY award on Michael Jackson, Elvis and Beatles.

* Guinness Record for Support of Charities

Jackson was listed in the 2000 book of Guinness World Records for his support more charities than any other entertainer or personality.

Jackson supported 39 charities through cash donations and sponsorships.

* Jackson becomes the “MOST SEARCHED” celeb of 2009

* Jackson’s death crashes google, wiki, youtube, yahoo, msn

* Jackson released his first autobiography, Moon Walk, in 1988. The book took four years to write and detailed alleged abuse Jackson suffered as a child and his plastic surgeries. The book topped the New York Times best seller’s list of 10 all time best sellers.

* Also in June 1999, Jackson organized a series of benefit concerts in Germany and Korea. He recruited Slash, The Scorpions, Boyz II Men, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, A. R. Rahman, Prabhu Deva Sundaram, Shobana Chandrakumar, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti for the Michael Jackson and Friends concerts. The proceeds were donated to the “Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund”, the Red Cross and UNESCO.

* MJ and ARR join to perform EKAM SATYAM in 1996 at Mumbai that still holds the largest concert ever in Indian soil with a record 25 lakh participants

* Jackson and Pavarottii teamed up for a benefit concert in Modena, Italy in June 1999.

The concert was focused on support of the non-profit organization Warchild. The artists raised a million dollars for the refugees of Kosovo and also donated money to help the children of Guatemala.

* When Ryan White, a hemophiliac teen from Indiana was kicked out of school in 1985 because he contracted HIV from a contaminated blood treatment, Jackson became one of his advocates. After White’s death in 1990, Jackson pleaded with the Clinton Administration at Bill Clinton’s Inaugural Gala for more funding for HIV/AIDS charities and research.

* MJs earth song declared the WORLD EVNIRONMENT DAY song

* Jackson started the Dangerous World Tour on June 27, 1992 and completed it on November 11, 1993, after entertaining 35 million people at 67 concerts. All of the profits from the concerts were donated to the Heal the World Foundation.

* Jackson founded the “Heal the World Foundation” in 1992. The charity organization brought underprivileged children to Jackson’s Neverland ranch to ride theme park rides the singer had built on the property. Heal the World also gave millions of dollars to help children around the world who were threatened by war and illnesses.

* From 1985 to 1990, Jackson donated $500,000 to the United Negro College Fund.

* Jackson donated 100 percent of the profits from him single “Man in the Mirror” to charity.

* MJs MAN IN THE MIRROR becomes the “MOST POWERFUL VOCALS song of the century for his vocal hiccups”

* During the Bad World Tour, Michael Jackson played to sold out crowds and smashed Guinness World records when 504,000 fans packed Wembley Stadium for each of the seven sold out shows and the tour grossed $125 million. During all of this, Jackson invited underprivileged children to the shows and donated to hospitals, orphanages and other charities.

* THRILLER and SMOOTH CRIMINAL declared the “MOST IRRESTIBLE DANCE MUSIC of all time” by the USA DJ association

* THE JACKSON 5 becomes the only band in world history to have its first 6 single top the charts in debut in 1971-1995

* MUSIC and ME by MJ at the age of 5 enters the Guinness records for the best performance as a child artist to get a platinum record

* THIS IS IT was to be the first 3D concert in world history

* MJ was instrumental in introducing AKON, 50 cents, Will.i.am and Black eyed Peas

* MJ was instrumental in setting Britney’s career to the “princess of pop” by performing with her for THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL all across US during her debut period

* MJ was instrumental in MADONA becoming the “queen of pop” recording for her hard candy

* MJs Neverland is the largest piece of estate owned by any celebrity in world history measuring 3600 acres.

* MJ wrote 100 songs and sifted through 700 songs for selecting the 9 tracks of thriller.

* Since 1983-1999 MJ never wrote a song and kept referring to the 100 songs list he had prepared for thriller which took shape in the form of BAD, DANGEROUS and HISTORY

* Invincible by MJ had a new group of song writers and has been the only new material done by him since 1999

* Half of Bads tracks were sung during thriller but released only in 1985-89 for BAD

* Half of Dangerous tracks were sung during BAD but released only in 1991-94 for DANGEROUS

* Half of HISTORY tracks were sung during DANGEROUS but released only in 1996-1999 for HISTORY

* MJ decided the beat of his songs according to the dance unlike artists who write and compose or compose and write, MJ dances and composes

* MJ records the lyrics into a recorder and sings it from memory than putting it down on paper

* SMOOTH CRIMINAL was declared to be the FASRTEST COMPOSED SONG IN HISTORY – in less than an hour MJ coordinated the whole vocal and orchestra arrangement and sung the song

* MJ earns the highest royalty rate in the industry from 1977-2001

* MJ buys 50% stake of the BEATLES, SHAKIRA, EMINEM and ELVIS (till the end MJ held on to the BEATLES BACK CATALOGUE)


* With THRILLER AND BAD, MJ played an instrumental role in establishing the position of MTV and SONY entertainment the way it is today

* As of 2009, Thriller completed 700 million copies sales all over the world.

* As of 2009 HISTORY completed 250 million copies sales worldwide

* As of 2009 BAD completed 350 million sales copies worldwide

* As of 2009 DANGEROUS completed 300 million copies sales worldwide

* As of 2009 INVINCIBLE completed 100 million copies sales worldwide


2 responses

  1. Hi, im sorry but over 90% of what you wrote about Michael jackson is wrong, Thriller is and has been the Biggest selling album since 1985 with 110 million, not the 750 million that you say, you must live on cloud coo coo land if you blieve everything you have writing in the web page.

    March 20, 2011 at 9:51 AM

  2. Napoleon okugbe

    I think they are correct because it was 1984 alone that thriler sold approximately 110 million copies,from 1984 till date thriller keep selling so it might be upto 750million copies by now…Michael jackson is the best artist the world has ever had,till the next generations and beyond i dont think there would be any1 to replace him,he has contribute enormousely to the world in all good aspect that you think of.We love you mj

    July 30, 2012 at 7:10 PM

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