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Michael Jackson—AEG and AllGood Entertainment

Interesting post by Diana Jean in her blog about MJ’s contracts to AEG and AllGood Entertainment.

I’ll paste her entire blog post here


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just a theory

I would like to give a big thank you to Ludivine de Montreal or (Aliceofneverlan on twitter) who helped me write this.
Let’s go back to

November 2008. Frank Dileo signs a contract for Michael to preform in a “pay per view production via the internet including other Jackson family members” In Irving Texas. The contract signed by the Michael Jackson camp prevents him from giving a concert until July 2010.“New Jersey-based AllGood Entertainment Inc contends it signed an agreement in November with Jackson’s manager, Frank DiLeo, committing the singer to perform in July 2010 along with his brothers from the Jackson Five and sister Janet Jackson.

Under the agreement, Michael Jackson cannot give another concert until that Jackson Family reunion show, said Patrick Allocco, managing partner at AllGood Entertainment.”
http://uk.reuters.com/article/idUKTRE54A5CY20090511By signing this contract and agreeing to preform in the Family reunion show, legaly Michael could

not under any circumstances preform in concert before July 2010.With that in mind, let’s skip ahead to

2009. Michael signs a deal with AEG for a 50 concert comback series in London starting in July 2009.July 2009? Is that allowed? Michael’s contract said he wasn’t allowed to preform until July 2010, how can he have a concert series starting in 2009?

Answer: He can’t.
http://www.ticketnews.com/Michael-Jackson-concerts-at-O2-Arena-threatened-by-non-compete-lawsuit5912230AllGood Entertainment is not happy about this, Michael is in violation of their contract. Enraged about this, AllGood Entertainment decides that unless Michael calls off his London Gig’s they are going to sue him.

Now Michael is the one who is not happy. He argues that he never signed anything for AllGood Entertainment and it’s not fair for him to be sued. BUT because Frank Dileo was Michael’s manager at the time and signed the contract for Michael, it’s legaly binding and there’s nothing Michael can do.

http://www.tmz.com/2009/05/11/michael-jacksons-london-show-in-jeopardyMay 15 2009

Michael makes it clear that he does not want to preform in the family reunion concert. He doesn’t like the idea of a “pay per view” show. AllGood Entertainment doesn’t care. Again, they threaten to sue.
http://www.tmz.com/2009/05/16/michael-jackson-jackson-5-jackson-five-jacko-janet-jackson-lawsuitAllGood Entertainment sends a cease and desist letter to Frank Dileo and AEG’s concert promoters, ordering Michaels London concerts to be canceled.

Michael has no choice. He HAS to preform in the family reunion show. If he doesn’t preform not only will he be sued for not preforming, but he will also be sued for his London gigs. Michael can’t afford that, this is an insane amount of money we’re talking about.

June 2nd 2009

Michael finally agrees to preform in family reunion concert. BUT AllGood Entertainment is still threatening to sue because of his London concerts.

http://www.tmz.com/2009/06/02/jacko-i-wont-screw-over-my-family/Michael has already decided that he can’t cancel his London concert series, or else he would have done it by now. There’s too much at stake for him to cancel it. Things have been paid for, people have been hired, fans have been informed and a contract has been signed. He knew all along that it couldn’t be canceled.

He couldn’t preform in both concerts, but he couldn’t preform in only one either.

What was Michael to do?
_____________________________________________________________________I keep asking myself, why would Michael put himself in this situation?

He’s not stupid, he knew this would be a problem. Maybe he has been planning the hoax for a long time and he knew all along that the London concerts where never really going to happen.He went on with his press confrence in March of 2009 for his London comback series, knowing it was never going to happen. He ended with a “see you in July” and walks off the stage.

“See you in July” ? Well according to his contract his next concert was going to be in July 2010. Maybe we will see him in July.

As time goes on AllGood Entertainment keeps threatening with lawsuits. Michael knows he doesn’t have to worry about them, because he knows he’s not going to break his contract. So he ignores the threats.

June 12th 2009 AllGood Entertainment decides to go through with their lawsuit against Michael and they file with the court. Michael now decides that it’s time to disappear, so 13 days later he “dies”.
___________________________________________________________________________Why I think the London Concerts where never going to happen

Besides the reason stated above, there is anouther big reason why I don’t think the London Concerts where ever really going to happen.AEG insured for death caused by overdose

AEG took out an insurance policy from Lloyds of London that was insured for a death caused by overdose, but not natrual causes. Is this normal? The answer is, no. This isn’t normal.“Louise Shield — the head of communications for Lloyd’s of London — tells us such a policy is “odd” and that she’s never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses. “

http://www.tmz.com/2009/07/03/lloyds-of-london-overdose-clause/2The head of Lloy’s of London has never heard of the company insuring for a drug overdose before, prehaps this was the first time?

Why would they insure for death caused by an overdose?

Because Michael knew he was going to hoax his death by a drug overdose, and  AEG wasn’t about to loose money. If they where insured for an overdose, and that just

happens to be what Mchael “dies” of, AEG wouldn’t loose a thing.Anouther Reason why I don’t think the London Concerts where ever going to happen

The first concert was planned to take place on July 8th. Michael knew he was going to fake his death near the end of June. Well, the end of June is really close to July 8th. The people who had tickets for the first show would already have there travel arrangements made and possibly even be in London by then, Michael wouldn’t want to waste people’s time so he postponed the opening night to July 13th, and the rest to March 2010.
http://www.billboard.com/news/michael-jackson-postpones-opening-of-london-1003975037.story#/news/michael-jackson-postpones-opening-of-london-1003975037.storyI think they where planning on making This Is It a movie the entire time

Well, for one thing Michael couldn’t legaly give a concert. But also, June 29, 2009 only four days after Michael “died” AEG reveals that they have rehersal footage in HD that they could use so they don’t go bankrupt.

http://blackstarnews.com/news/131/ARTICLE/5835/2009-07-05.htmlHow would they come up with this idea only four days after Michael’s death?

It just seems too planned. It’s like they said
“Oh no, where going to loose allot of money…UNLESS we put together all the footage we conviently filmed in HD of Michael rehersing into a movie!”Which brings us to anouther thing, Michael never filmed rehersals in HD before…why this one?

To recap

Has Michael broken his contract with AllGood Entertainment yet? NO.
Where Michael’s fans able to see This Is It? YES.
Will we see Michael in July? that remains a mystery.http://au.tv.yahoo.com/the-morning-show/video/-/watch/18160540/

if you watch this interview with Jermain, at around 7:20 he answers a question and talks as if Michael is going to be at the reunion concert.

Posted by Diana Jean at 9:18 PM


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